Non ASD Kids May Worry About Favoritism – AAM Day 24

How do you answer the questions about favoritism between non-autistic kids and autistic kids?

Bubba feels jealous sometimes of Smash-N-Break.  For example, since our local school district cannot see the difference between a hat and an asshole, they currently have their heads shoved up an asshole and are preventing Smash-N-Break from access to a free and appropriate public education.  So, until such a time as we can help him, I will homeschool him when he isn’t in ABA therapy.  Bubba sees that I will have two days a week of Smash-N-Break and Mommy time.

I’ve been honest.  Bubba likes school.  School gives him opportunities that Smash-N-Break won’t have.  Field trips with friends, music programs in front of the parents, book fairs, holiday shops – all of that Smash-N-Break won’t have access to.  Team sports?  Smash-N-Break doesn’t have the same access.  Between therapy schedules and the fact that he will be homeschooled, it’s physically impossible for us.  The homeschool teams are all older and an hour drive away.  Plus, whereas Bubba gets Mom, Smash-N-Break will have Mom, Teacher Mom, Therapy Mom, and Who-Knows-What-Else Mom.  He won’t be home playing.  He will be working.  We will have two days a week to fit in what Bubba did in five.  I’ve told Bubba he isn’t wrong to feel that way, but that I don’t favor Smash-N-Break.  Right now, Smash-N-Break has needed more of me than Bubba.  That will change as everyone grows up.  Fair doesn’t mean equal.  Open and honest communication is needed.