Isn’t Autism Just Another Word For Retarded? – AAM Day 28th

I’ve been around a kid with autism.  They seem to be retarded.  They ignored me completely.

One, DON’T use that word to describe ANYONE.  It’s old, antiquated, and outdated.  This goes for autism, down syndrome, brain injuries, etc.

Two, they aren’t ignoring you.  Individuals with autism can seem to live in their own world.  It’s safe there.  All in or all out, remember?  To make progress, you need to enter their world instead of expecting someone to come into your world.  I can hear some of you now – but they will need to survive in the real world!  Stop holding special snowflakes hands!  Think about wheelchair ramps.  Does it really take away from you to have ramps so that all individuals have access to businesses?  No, right?  So, why is it different to assist someone with autism in becoming comfortable so that they CAN be in “your world”? Time, patience, awareness, and acceptance.