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So Starts The 5K Quest

Many who know me in real life that read this already know this, and I’ve admitted it before here, but I’m fat.  Don’t sugarcoat it – I’d probably eat it.  I know it.  I was motivated to lose it when I found out Smash-N-Break was on the way.  I wrote about that.  But, depression kicked my ass, and instead of losing, I’ve probably gained.  I don’t look at a scale other than the doctor’s office.  One benefit of moving, I guess.  I haven’t found that box yet. Someone else packed us.  It’s the worst kind of Christmas!  I’ve been fortunate that my health is okay, even though I’m fat.  My blood pressure is fine, no diabetes.  I haven’t had my cholesterol and all that checked yet.  I’m calling today to make an appointment anyway for a med recheck, so I’ll ask about that.  Thyroid works.  I’m still Vitamin D deficient.

I know what I have to do to lose weight.  Expend more calories than I put in my mouth.  But, chocolate tastes so good.  As does potatoes, bread, sugar, sweet tea.  I’m like Oprah.  I love bread.  That’s the only way I’m like Oprah.  I LOVE FOOD.  It’s a problem.  So, I’ll work on that.  I’ll also work on getting the kids to eat other food items than the basic kid menu items.  With two SPD kiddos, this is a challenge.  Smash-N-Break’s getting better about new food.  Littles starves whenever a new food is introduced, so it will be a work in process.  I don’t have kids who are adventurous food-wise.

I’m also wanting to finish a goal of running a 5K.  To those of you who are fit, this is probably nothing and just another weekend.  I’m not fit.  I’m in shape, in the sense that I’m round and round isIMG_5101 - Copy a shape.  It’s a goal.  I will do it.  I don’t have a size or a number in mind.  Just a desire to hate the way I look less, and love me more, with more energy for the kids (sorry, Plus One – I know it’s already hard for you to keep up with me).  One (rather nice) benefit of Plus One’s new company is that they have a fitness benefit that helps pay for either a gym membership or home gym equipment.  We got a treadmill and a basic weight set.  Again, I know what I have to do.  I started today.  I did 1.5 miles in a smidge over 30 minutes.  I told you I’m a round shape.  But, I did day 1 of the Couch to 5K program.    And, I did it in the Texas heat that is kicking my butt.  I was a puddle by the end.  See?  Warning – no makeup or hair done.  Just post-exercise fugliness.  It takes 30 days to make a habit.  So, by the time July rolls around and the heat is *really* kicking my butt, it should be a habit.  I hope.  It may still be torture, but I’m hoping it’s a habit.  Tomorrow, I’ll do some strength training.  One of these days, I’ll also find a combination of sports bras that maybe keep the boobs in check.

IMG_5100 - CopyY’all are going to keep me accountable.  I won’t be one of those people who become obsessed, but I’ll update occasionally.  For a while, it will probably be “Holy hell it’s hot and I’m still round and this is torture this sucks dirty hairy donkey balls who invented this torture they deserve a titty twister after a marathon without chaffing gel”.  I just hope eventually it becomes “Looking forward to a quick jog”.  And maybe without the jiggle.



*Editors note – I am supporting her by running too. Since its only fair, here is my after run selfie too.

IMG_5099 - Copy IMG_5098 - Copy










*Editors note part 2. I think she is a hotty. Plus, check out those cool lightsaber ear rings!

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