Why Should You Care About Autism? – AAM Day 25

I only have neurotypical children.  Why should I care about autism?

Because they will come in contact with an autistic child.  I can guarantee that.  More than half of all children with autism are bullied in their lives.  They are also bullied at a rate of twice as often as their neurotypical peers.  But, more than half of the bullying the does occur is stopped when a peer does intervene to show autism awareness and autism acceptance.  Remember the statistic about suicidal thoughts?  Think about that in terms of bullying and it becomes quite scary.

Teach your children about autism so that they understand and accept it.  Together, everyone can lessen the bullying that does occur.  Together, everyone can help bring awareness and acceptance.

(Plus One Note – Your kids will grow up, and they will work with autistic adults. Teach them young.)