Who To Call For An ASD Evaluation – AAM Day 22

Who do I call for an evaluation?

Start with your pediatrician.  Some will refer you to the Children’s Hospital in your area.  Some will refer you to a developmental pediatrician.  Some will refer you to a psychiatrist or neuropsychologist.  Some will say to just go to your school district.  I will say this – an educational assessment indicating autism will not be enough to cover your child medically.  Once they age out of services that the school system can and will provide, you will still need a medical diagnosis to get therapies.  I will also say that we are currently struggling with our school district.  They are claiming that he has a medical diagnosis, but it isn’t sufficient for an educational diagnosis.  I don’t understand this, because his issues don’t disappear just because he is at school.  Liken it to a broken leg – you don’t have a broken leg just at home, but school magically makes it better.

For us, Smash-N-Break went through the ADOS-II testing, among other things.  The ADOS is the standard used for diagnostic purposes [https://research.agre.org/program/aboutados.cfm].  There is no blood test or medical test currently to diagnose.  There is research in this area that is promising, but it isn’t finished or formalized yet.  He had a full and complete psychological evaluation, that included an intelligence portion.